Reinventing employee engagement for distributed teams by streamlining communication, rewards, and recognition with Empuls

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Prodevans is an ISO 9001 | 27001 | 20000 accredited leading technology solution provider that aims to deliver end-to-end DevOps offerings that streamline and automate IT delivery. They specialize in the entire spectrum of cloud solutions, from IaaS to PaaS and SaaS. Their solutions are time-driven and efficient, with a relentless focus on ROI. They also help businesses design a great customer experience by deploying the right cloud-based tools and resources.

Sushma Shriram is the Manager of Human Resources at Prodevans Technologies. She focuses heavily on building and driving diverse people programs to ensure high levels of employee engagement for those working at the Prodevans offices and those representing Prodevans at client locations.

Rewards purchase hassles
The HR team was keen on streamlining the existing R&R process and making it a fun and frictionless experience for everyone. Before Empuls, Prodevans leveraged Amazon gift vouchers as a reward mechanism for their employee appreciation initiatives. Purchasing the gift vouchers was a manual and time-consuming effort since the vouchers had to be bought across multiple denominations and distributed relevantly across employees. Apart from Amazon vouchers, Prodevans also distributed cash incentives for employee performance. But this reward system, too, did not create a memorable impact at Prodevans. 

Seamless R&R with Empuls
The absence of a robust R&R platform to drive employee appreciation and employee engagement initiatives was a key challenge for Prodevans. Empuls solved this for their team with a simplified employee R&R platform. With Empuls, employees could complete the reward redemption process in just a few steps.

Reward points that never expire
Empuls stood out from other R&R solutions in the market for having a reward point system with no expiration date and the option to accumulate reward points. With their employees leading busy lives, providing gift vouchers with expiration dates meant they had to remember to use them on time. Employees can now redeem their points at their convenience, sometimes on the go or when they can catch a quick breath amidst all their work, after weeks or even months. 

Points redemption from a plethora of gift options
The single-brand vouchers left employees with limited choices. With Empuls, employees can now choose from 21000+ reward options across 20+ reward categories. This was a considerable improvement, and the seamless rewards experience vastly increased employee satisfaction at Prodevans.

Peer recognition done right
Before Empuls, there was no channel for employees to express their gratitude towards co-workers. Peer recognition delivered in-person or via email lacked visibility. This changed with the implementation of Empuls. With Empuls, employees are frequently thanking their peers and communicating their gratitude in the flow of work, and this form of social recognition has helped boost employee morale.

Engaging Employees on Empuls Townhall
In addition to being the perfect solution for driving R&R effectively, Empuls proved to be a gamechanger in increasing employee engagement at Prodevans through connection and communication. With Prodevans' distributed workforce, getting everyone to interact regularly and actively was always a challenge. Empuls helped solve that problem with its social intranet feature, leading to peer bonding and engagement. Currently, more than 70% of their employees actively participate and engage with peers on Empuls.

Surveys that are easy to roll out and drive better participation
Before Empuls, Prodevans used third-party survey websites to gather feedback and measure employee engagement. The team faced challenges with survey participation and submission rates. Since most of the employees worked from client locations, they primarily accessed client-assigned email accounts and missed out on the emails from Prodevans. Getting employees to take and submit the surveys on time involved multiple follow-ups over emails and personal chats. This issue got sorted with Empuls since all the surveys now go out via the platform, which already had high employee adoption. The nudges in Empuls act as gentle reminders, which helped significantly increase survey submission rates. Communicating the launch of employee surveys on the Empuls Townhall group provided the much-needed reach and visibility amongst Prodevans' distributed teams.

Need for employee engagement
Despite all the WhatsApp groups and small events organized to engage employees, people lacked connection as everyone was working remotely. Prodevans used their internal platforms or Google Hangouts to connect employees during such events. Live interactions during fun team activities barely lasted a few hours on Google Hangouts.

With remote work pushing employees to spend long hours at work on high-impact projects, the disconnect between teams was widening rapidly. Prodevans organized Saturday team meetings called "How are we doing?" every week. Since most on-site employees worked over the weekends, they could not be part of these meetings, missing out on a critical peer bonding time. Empuls bridges this gap by bringing everyone onto a common platform and keeping connections alive between Prodevans' distributed employees.

The right first step towards employee engagement
Prodevans believes that it still has a long way to go to improve employee engagement drastically but is confident that it wants to invest in Empuls long-term to eliminate employee disconnect. Empuls has provided employees a platform to initiate conversations between distributed teams amidst their professional workload. 

Empuls engagement calendars
At Prodevans, the HR team manages its human resources and administration activities. This heavy-lifting by HR doesn't leave them with additional bandwidth for ideation and implementation of fun employee engagement programs. This is where Empuls' monthly employee engagement calendars come in handy. These calendars acted as ready-reckoners for HR as they came loaded with fun ideas on how to drive multiple employee engagement activities on Empuls regularly.

For Prodevans, Empuls has become the single point for everything employee engagement. With rewards and recognition now an essential part of Prodevans' culture, the team looks forward to a significant increase in employee engagement and employee satisfaction in the coming years.

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